After begin immensely privileged to be part of the aCHOIRedTaste Festival in the Grand West Arena, the Libertas Choir was showered with congratulations and messages of appreciation. It was indeed very special to perform for an audience of 5000 and on top of that, to share the event with Olympic Champion Choirs
However, the Libertas Choir is already working on their next big project. The Kanna-awarded director Basil Appollis wants to capture the human stories behind the Libertas Choir in his brand new musical, The Choir/Die Koor: The Libertas Story.
For the past year and longer, Appollis watched the choir in order to assemble the stories for the production.
“I want to tell the story of your choir. It must be a celebration of your 25 years on stage. I feel that your choir is an image of our country,” he told choir members at rehearsal. The choir will be singing most of the time, but a few choir members will be used as actors and narrators.
The production will be on stage at the Stellenbosch Oude Libertas Theatre by the end of November.